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 Excellent dentist and service This is about my sixth or seventh visit over three years. I joined this local (Epping) NHS dentist as I retired. I had previously been attending a private practice in Epping as I was covered for dental insurance but was becoming shocked at the extremely high costs and the amount of treatment I was receiving. The Tooth Booth has been a refreshing change and offers just as good treatment and care but with reasonable charges. My current dentist is everything you could hope for; efficient, caring and motivated. My previous dentist here was also first class.  D.H. 25/07/14 (Practice visited: Tooth Booth Epping)  Least painful treatment I've ever had The dentist is excellent, very gentle and talks you through everything as it is being done so you are prepared and less anxious. Am delighted with new crown and will be recommending to friends and family.  A. 7/08/14 (Practice visited: Tooth Booth Chichester)  Very happy to have changed to this dentist Friendly dentist and assistant who put myself and my 10 year old daughter at ease. They were also super at asking us all the way through what we wanted and were happy for them to do. Patient and attentive just what you need in a dentist. Thank you. J.T. 25/07/14 (Practice visited: Tooth Booth Chichester)  Good overall, and well done for asking our opinions I have been visiting the Toothbooth for about 2 yrs. I have seen a variety of dentists, some not very experienced, which I guess is to be expected in a relatively new NHS practice. This aspect is my only criticism - the newest tend to tell you what your options are, and then leave you to decide, whereas I like my dentist to tell me my options but then give me a recommendation - after all, they see thousands of mouths and can guide us as to what is likely to be the best option! My latest visit was excellent, with both the dentist and dental nurse showing a great mixture of professionalism and patient care. I shall continue to visit Toothbooth. I also warmly commend the Toothbooth management for giving all of us the opportunity to comment so publicly. That is really putting your reputation where your mouth is. Well done Toothbooth. If all of our 'public services' were so willing to put themselves up for pubic critique, I think we would notice an improvement in customer and patient service. Thank you. PhilipG  31/08/14 (Practice visited: Tooth Booth Chichester)  Fantastic dentist in a good location All the staff at Tooth Booth are fantastic. Everything was explained to me and I was able to book an appointment within a matter of days. I would highly recommend this dentist! Ricky 2/07/14 (Practice visited: Tooth Booth Chesham) More reviews...
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